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Partnering with Heroes of Marketing means joining a team that always has your best interests at heart (yep, we genuinely care). We’ll never recommend a marketing initiative that isn’t precisely what you need to achieve your specific goals according to your unique budget and timeline.

Let’s discuss which of the following programs are best suited to your current growth targets and create your roadmap for long-term success.

Outbound Advantage

Pack your sales pipeline full of leads and meetings with a truly effective approach to outreach.

Challenge: You have the sales resources in place, you just need to get people on the phone. Unfortunately, old school outbound initiatives aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be. You’re lucky if your emails actually land in inboxes and you can’t solely rely on volume anymore.

Solution: We’ll help you establish a sophisticated outbound program that drives massive engagement and prompts immediate action (that means more sales conversations). What’s even better? Our white-glove approach means we handle every aspect of getting your sales calls booked on your calendar and we even support your sales team with tools they need to close more deals.

Social Ads Mastery

Drive record-setting conversions with elite-level social media advertising funnels.

Challenge: The competition in social advertising is fierce because the potential for growth is massive. At the same time, the potential for profit-sucking error is high AND your ability to scale is limited unless you have an expert in-house team to execute your campaigns.

Solution: We’ll build the most profitable ad campaigns you’ve ever run and deliver the highest possible return on ad spend (ROAS) with our proprietary approach to social. We customize every element of your high-performing funnels and keep your campaigns under a data-driven microscope to continue generating a sky-high ROI.

Inbound Advantage

Generate floods of organic traffic to your website with content marketing and SEO.

Challenge: With more websites and content coming online every day, ranking on Google is more challenging than most marketers understand. Everyday we watch good content and websites go completely ignored by search engines without the expert optimization required to rank.

Solution: With our elite content writers and SEOs at your side, inbound marketing becomes an investment in highly qualified, conversion focused traffic. Better yet, once we have your content ranked, the traffic keeps coming but you don’t keep paying for it.

We’ll handle the entire process from creating a comprehensive SEO strategy and content calendar to daily monitoring of published articles and pages to keep your site moving up in the rankings.

Goggle Ads Mastery

Convert ready-to-buy prospects into record numbers of leads and sales with Google ads funnels.

Challenge: Running ads on Google is easy. Running profitable ads on Google is not. Most Adwords (PPC) campaigns end up being costly sources of traffic that never drive enough conversions. Even those that are productive often miss massive opportunities to generate a greater ROI.

Solution: Our Adwords experts will set your campaigns up for dramatically higher conversions to optimize your budget and put an end to wasteful spending. We develop a deep understanding of your users’ search intent, craft ads that drive maximum clicks, and walk relevant prospects through a custom funnel (our secret sauce) that compels immediate action (yep, that means conversions).

Web and Conversion Rate Optimization

Turn your website into your most powerful marketing asset via conversion rate optimization.

Challenge: 95% of the companies we evaluate are leaving BIG money on the table by neglecting key areas of their website. Whether or not your site looks good is objective. Whether or not it provides a streamlined user experience that drives conversions is not.

Solution: We’ll evaluate exactly how users are interacting with your website and optimize each critical conversion point until it becomes a laser-focused lead generation machine. We handle everything from influential copywriting that drives your desired user action to stunning layout and design that points people exactly where you want them to go. We build sites that generate revenue and nothing less.

Custom Consulting and Staffing

We’ll help your team operate like the top 1% of marketers in the world.

Solution: Every one of the programs above is available as a consulting engagement. If you have existing marketing or sales resources on your team, we’ll take them from “pretty dang good” to “undeniably savvy” with one-on-one coaching and training.

We’ll help you establish the systems and processes (complete with documentation and training materials) to make our programs a permanent part of your operations. We train on everything from developing a rock-solid strategy to the nitty-gritty executional details that can make or break your campaigns.

We can even help you staff critical roles to fill gaps in your machine. This is the most cost effective and scalable solution for large, established teams and fast growing organizations.

Strategy First

Establish a foundation for long term growth

Achieving optimal outcomes (results!) in both marketing and sales means crafting a strategy that prioritizes revenue over vanity metrics. Every Heroes of Marketing engagement begins with the development of a revenue-focused strategy designed to be predictable and scalable over the long term.

If we agree to work together, we’re in this for the long haul. We’ll do the heavy lifting upfront to ensure our engagement is productive and our relationship is strong. And that starts with the very first call.

Click below to schedule a zero-cost strategy session. With our guarantee we have to be selective about the companies we partner with so we’ll be the first ones to tell you if something doesn’t line up. Let’s start with a friendly and productive conversation so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Craft your ideal growth program!

Work directly with our Lead Advisor to develop a custom roadmap to your marketing and sales success. They’ll evaluate the specific needs of your business and help you understand the fastest and most effective way to reach your goals. Schedule a call today!